Built By Newkirk


Built By Newkirk not only uses 3D technologies for its own clients and designs, but we have also been commissioned by architects, designers, realtors, and even other contractors because of our 3D capabilities.

Three Dimensional Imaging

These services have helped in developing projects that find possible design conflicts before any substantial investment has been committed. Typically, 3D images inspire more creativity and capitalize on interpreting your vision in toto - promoting new ideas that may never have surfaced to be discussed.

3D images also greatly assist in developing projects by revealing possible design conflicts before any substantial investment has been committed, allowing you to spend your money on the things you really want - not what you thought you wanted.

Interior Design

Three dimensional model imaging gives designers the ability to impress their clients at the point of sale. We can build custom computer generated furniture, light fixtures - just about anything - to accurately create the "look" you're going for. You know renderings are a great design tool when your clients send you images of their new space that look exactly like the renderings!

Design Visualization

For some, traditional plans may be hard to interpret and envision. Using advanced imaging technologies we can bring scaled dimensional drawings to life in three dimensions, giving you the advantage of seeing your project come to life before the first shovel hits the ground!

Massing & Space Planning

Built By Newkirk has assisted architects, designers and clients in communicating their designs by creating 3D perspective renderings and colored elevations to planning and building commissions, art juries and community associations.

Artistic Renderings

Artistic renderings have been used to gain support for commercial projects, investment opportunities and real estate marketing. Some of our clients have even asked for artistic renderings to pictorially celebrate their new home or office.