Built By Newkirk


Pre-construction Services

  • We offer cost estimates and updates as needed.
  • We identify potential conflicts in construction documents and assist in finding resolutions before construction begins.
  • We review preliminary material specifications and design details, advising on availability and constructability.
  • We identify long lead items and recommend alternatives to improve the schedule, reduce costs, and facilitate construction.
  • We prepare bid schedules, bid instructions as well as conduct pre-bid meetings. We receive at least three bids for major trades.
  • We prepare a bid analysis, outlining areas of qualification and draft trade agreements for each awarded trade.
  • We attend periodic design review meetings and contribute if requested.

Built By Newkirk TruckLook for our trucks! We may already
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Craftsmanship is meant to be timeless. After all "timeless craftsmanship" is our motto! What you see and experience is the culmination of an orchestrated effort to achieve perfection. Our crews are known for the quality of their work and their attention to detail. This will ensure a superior outcome on every aspect of your project.

Post-construction Services

Built By Newkirk's commitment to you continues long after the completion of your project. Upon completion, we will walk you through the structure and explain each system and its function. Product warranties and a complete list of recommended maintenance items will be provided. With every new project we include a comprehensive homeowner's manual, and you can be assured that if there is some new challenge we will be there to help. Call us anytime for assistance.