Built By Newkirk


Design/Build Advantage

Built By Newkirk can provide in-house design and construction services - all under one roof. Your requirements and expectations are set early in the process and it is up to us to produce results. This encourages our already highly motivated team to deliver a successful project. Our team approach is propelled by one cohesive vision. It helps us provide cost savings and value engineering, not to mention deliver feasibility reviews which are utilized continuously rather than multiple parties working independently of each other. The Design/Build process eliminates delays for bidding and redesign. And material/equipment buyout and construction can actually begin before the final details are complete.

Manhattan Beach Patio

Architects and Design Professionals

Built By Newkirk has developed relationships with many well-known architects and design professionals with specialties in all architectural styles. We can communicate your vision competitively and creatively, and turn your needs - and your dreams - into unique design.

Working with Your Professional

We are happy to work with your design professional. By inviting our firm to participate early in the design process, you have the benefit of years of hands-on design and construction experience. We can add value in the planning process - before plans are completed and any substantial investment has been committed. We build working partnerships with your design professional, sharing the same passion and strong commitment to provide quality service.

Large Kitchen Beams

Investing in Your Projects

We have always invested heavily in these new technologies and will continue to hold a strong advantage over our competitors. In time, our early experience will only grow, as this technology becomes standard practice. But Built By Newkirk is not just about 3-D imaging (although that is part of it); our integrated process is built on providing coordinated, reliable information about every aspect of your project from design through construction.

Modern Bathroom

B.I.M. "Building Information Modeling"

Built By Newkirk is at the forefront of B.I.M. in residential and light commercial construction. BIM allows engineers more easily to predict the performance of projects before they are built; respond to design changes faster; optimize designs with analysis, simulation, and visualization; and deliver higher quality construction documentation. Furthermore, it enables extended teams to extract valuable data from the model to facilitate earlier decision making and a more economic project delivery. We can accurately calculate quantities for materials as well as reduce construction time and costs.