Built By Newkirk

How can we serve you?

We are guests in your home and in the neighborhood

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In choosing Built By Newkirk, you've not only invited us to work on your home but you've invited us into your home. And of that we are always mindful. You will experience some disruption, certainly, but at all times we will respect your property and treat you with courtesy. By doing so, we hope to make the construction experience both painless and satisfying for you.

You can be assured our team will be instructed on the scope of work, scheduling, parking arrangements, and where designated equipment and material storage will be. Consideration of the unique aspects of your project and any other important issues will be planned well before issues arise. A letter will be sent to your neighbors providing a brief description of the project, and contact information to call if they have any questions or concerns.

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Level of service

At Built By Newkirk, we have developed an intuitive sense of customer service, what we consider to be a "concierge" style approach for our clients. Hard to believe? Just ask them!

We have strong and tested business systems with low overhead that allow us to be extremely efficient and competitive. This ultimately ensures a great outcome and happy clients. On larger projects, Built By Newkirk has the ability to act as a construction management company, allowing us to concentrate on project management and quality control.

We provide exceptional specialized trade partners who are experts in their field. This allows us to focus on our clients and concentrate on using the necessary measures to get the job done right. Many other companies are forced to do exactly the opposite, often needing to cut material quality and labor costs without you knowing it - which encourages unnecessary rushing of critical elements and usually leads to large margins for error and sloppy work. After many years of performing high-end construction projects, we know how to safeguard each part of the construction process and quickly address unforeseen obstacles and potentially costly delays.

Hands-on Approach

As with any project, one must adapt and work within the budget at hand. But one thing that does not change is Built By Newkirk's hands-on approach. We believe it's not just about completing your project but managing a successful project with little interruption, no delays, or the dreaded unknowns that create unexpected costs and client uncertainties.

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You tell us what will work best and we will listen. We want to create a communication program that best fits your needs - whether you want daily details or just to know if everything is going smoothly once a week. You can engage us daily to have your questions answered and stay informed on the status of your project.


Having worked with notable persons in society, industry, and entertainment, Built By Newkirk understands the importance of privacy for all our clients. It's our policy to respect your privacy whether we are on site or off site. And we treat each of our clients with the same respect, no matter who they are.

Risk Management and Insurance

Believe it or not, some contractors, no matter how well-intentioned, haven't considered or prioritized the risk and liability clients take on when they enter into construction projects. Built By Newkirk carries all the proper insurance certificates for your financial peace of mind. And we verify and maintain that all trade partners are current. Protecting your interests is as much of a priority as is the actual physical work.